Why Project Ara should have been Ikea’s

Many artcles were written on what (e.g. disruptive), why (e.g. growth) and how (e.g. open innovation) innovation is to be conducted. This advice on innovation excellence is very useful and to be heeded to ensure organizational success. Most of such advice focussee on innovation efficiency (i.e. a cost effective process) and effectiveness (i.e. A useful outcome). 

I propose to add another dimension to the advice on excellent innovation: affectiveness. I advocate that for innovations to be adopted by irganization they should also appeal emotionally to customers’ (and employees’) feelings of identification. Operationally this means adding “fit with the brand strategy” to the list of criteria for selection of innovation concepts. For innovations to be brought to market they must comply to – better still: build – the brand. Jeff Bezos’ idea of a lack of innovation tax and mine of brand impact innovations are interesting in this respect. 

Considered from this perspective Project Ara would perhaps be more fitting to the Ikea brand, democratizing design (admittefly of cell phones, not immediately an Ikea business domain) through self assembly, rather than Google’s. 

HIGHvalue’s innovation method facilitates ideation and implementation for innovation of, say, services, while ensuring the outcome builds the brand. 

Wanna play? Call Koos Ris at +32-(0)6-473 14028. Or mail kris@high-value.com. 


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